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<img src=""><br>Positioned atop nearly 7 acres sits a cedar and stone masterpiece that truly redefines the term “custom”. With absolutely no detail left unattended, this home is a delight to the senses from start to finish. Winding up the drive you are embraced by nature as you leave the day to day in the rear view mirror. The natural materials blend seamlessly with the wooded surroundings and the mix of open space and tree lined privacy balances the landscape for any pursuit. Entering the home, you are immediately drawn to the abundant detailing. The architect has gracefully introduced soft lines in the ceilings and window details to capture your attentions. The builder, a master craftsman, has executed this plan flawlessly. Blurring the lines between outside and in, the home features elements of wood, stone, and glass that make you feel a part of the setting. This retreat offers the peace and seclusion of a mountain resort, while affording the convenience of access to all the area has to offer.<br>